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My name is Qiuyan Jiang, you can call me Crystal. I’m an international student who comes from China.I got my bachelor degree in Kunming, China. For the past four years of undergraduate studies, I learned a lot of knowledge of international trade from my university, at the same time, I have been worked in commercial company.

Spring, 2018 quarter was my first quarter in CSUSB. I choose a master in instructional technology because I desire to wilder space and enrich my career. For example, this major can help me learn more knowledge about software than the ones I had before. For me, it is a good way to contact trade and IT technology in my future career.

When I finished my study with the program, I’m looking forward to advancing and enriching my career. I’m so excited to join the class and I hope I can gain fundamental information to enrich my instructional technology study.

According my understanding of ETEC 500, the definition of instructional technology is that a process of solving educational problems and concerns, also, make it convenient through using technological methodologies.

In my spare time, I love traveling with my friends, I have been to Seattle, D.C and New York. I also love watching movie, my favorite movie are “TWELIGHT” and “flipped”. Moreover, I would like to make friends when I enjoy the party or conference in university.

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